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Well water & Pool water exposed hair tend to turn green tints, & silver/grey hair has a  tendency to turn yellow .

Try a Purple shampoo once a week to keep natural grey/silver hair from turning yellow year round, & follow up with a conditioner. Also use the same for well water & pool water exposed hair to keep green tints off the hair.

Use baking soda© with shampoo to remove build up from hair products & other minerals that may be keeping your hair from looking its best. Mix half baking soda© & half shampoo, lather & rinse. conditioner needed after this treatment. then rinse.

Using Sea Breeze© on scalp will relieve itching. After shampooing spray or apply on scalp, rinse & cindition. Or you can find a tar based shampoo. Specality treatment shampoos are sold in our salon for this.

If you or your child is suspected to have head LICE, please do not come into the salon for a head check. This can become an epedimic in a salon. Please follow your doctors recommendations to treat head lice before a salon visit, and feel free to call any of us for help over the phone during business hours. We will be happy to answer any questions over the phone

For frizzy curley tangley hair durring the summer months, try a leave-in conditioner on either wet or dry hair.

Protect your color from the sun by wearing a hat while outside.

If you need to use haloween colors on your hair, be sure to test out product on a strand underneath at neck, to see if it will stain blond or bleached hair. Some products do not wash out as well as they say.